You're in control!

From now on, determine the taste of your protein shake yourself with one of the 16 different flavour shots. Strawberry today, cookie tomorrow?

Our Pure Whey Isolate

Pure Whey Isolate is a perfect protein powder for anyone looking for a rich addition to their protein intake without consuming fat and carbohydrates. This protein shake is popular with people who exercise at a professional level as well as with people who are consciously concerned with their health. This protein shake is also for you!

Don't forget to add one of our tasty flavours !!

Determine your own flavour

One Protein, endless flavours

Everyone deserves a delicious shake, especially after a hard gruelling workout. So why does it have to be the same flavour each and every day🤨

Now you can change that!

Our flavour shots are full of flavour, what's better is they have zero calories 🙂

You can make up to 30 shakes with each flavour shot.

Give them a try! You'll love them🙂

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