Our unique concept

Our unique concept

We're here to bring change!

Have you ever felt fed up of drinking the same protein shake flavour day after day, especially after a hard gruelling workout!

Well now you can change that!

One powder, endless flavours. Today chocolate,  tomorrow it can be mango or maybe caramel🤔. You decide😀!


The same shake? Never again!

Our protein powders are pure, neutral in flavour and with no colouring. Want to add flavour? Grab one of our tasty flavour shots, put one squeeze in your shaker with one scoop of protein powder, add 250ml of cold milk or water, shake and enjoy 🙂.

Here are some of our tasty flavours:

  • Chocolate 🍫
  • Strawberry 🍓
  • Vanilla🍦
  • Cheese cake 🍰
  • Mango🥭
  • Banana 🍌
  • Notela🌰
  • Notoreo
  • Watermelon 🍉
  • Peanut butter 🥜
  • Peach🍑
  • Coconut 🥥
  • Blueberry 
  • Cookie🍪

What's even better, our flavour shots have zero calories, zero sugars and zero fats!

We hope you try them out and like them as much as we do😍