Protein Powders

Protein powder

Protein powder is a powder with a high concentration of proteins. Since there are different proteins that have different functional properties, there are also different protein powders. The most popular protein powders are whey protein powders or whey isolate protein powders because the proteins in this powder support the recovery and maintenance of muscle mass. These proteins are therefore beneficial for people who are conscious about their health or who have an active and / or sporty lifestyle.


Various protein powders

You have animal and vegetable protein powders. The advantage of vegetable protein powders is that they do not contain lactose and take less toll on the environment. However, it is true that vegetable proteins are often experienced as less tasty. This is because protein powders derived from dairy often have a creamier and more neutral taste. More of a milkshake than with vegetable protein shakes.


Protein powder production

Protein powder is made by extracting and then filtering proteins from the desired source (milk, cheese, peas, rice, potato, or any other source that contains proteins). The filtering is done to "strip" the protein powder, as it were, from everything that is not protein (for example, fat, carbohydrates, fibre and water) in order to make as much of the powder as possible from protein. You have the so-called "concentrates" and "isolates". Concentrates are protein powders with a protein content of around 80%: so, it is filtered through until 80% of the protein powder consists of protein. Isolates are protein powders with a protein content of around 90% or higher. So, it has been filtered for an extra-long time. Due to this extra processing, isolate protein powders are more expensive than concentrates.


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