Pure Whey Isolate

Whey isolate

Whey isolate is whey protein powder with a protein content of 90% or more. This means that 90% or more of the powder only consists of protein. Many protein powders are filtered to a protein content of around 80%, but with whey isolate an additional filtration has taken place to further strip the protein powder of anything that is not protein. That means that even more fat and carbohydrates have been filtered out. This extra step is expensive and that is why our whey isolate is a bit more expensive than the pure whey (80% protein).


The great advantage of proteins

Adequate protein intake offers numerous health benefits. There are many different types of proteins with different functional properties. For example, proteins extracted from whey (whey protein) can support the repair and maintenance of muscle tissue.


In short, 5 advantages of our whey isolate protein powder

  1. We produce and process our whey isolate ourselves at our own production location in the Netherlands, which means that the product meets all the strict quality requirements that are characteristic of the Dutch dairy industry. In this way we can keep and monitor the quality of the protein powder constant.


  1. The protein powder dissolves extremely well. No lumps or other crazy substances in your mouth while drinking your protein shake.


  1. The product has a high leucine content. This is a BCAA that plays a primary role in muscle protein synthesis and promotes muscle recovery.


  1. Prepare for a delicious creamy protein shake. In contrast to the vegetable protein powders, which are often more intense in terms of taste, our whey isolate is neutral and super good to add any flavour from our different flavour shots.


  1. A protein shake with a protein content of over 90% and virtually no fat and carbohydrates. A perfect protein powder for weight loss.


Our Pure Whey Isolate

Pure Whey Isolate is a perfect protein powder for anyone looking for a rich addition to their protein intake without consuming fat and carbohydrates. This protein shake is popular with people who exercise at a professional level as well as with people who are consciously concerned with their health. This protein shake is also for you!

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