What is Protein ?


Protein is a nutrient, just like fibre, carbohydrates and fat. Proteins are found in food and can be obtained from both animal and vegetable dietary sources. Some food sources are rich in proteins (chicken, whitefish, milk, etc.), other foods contain very little protein (bread, vegetables, fruit).


Good for your health

Adequate protein intake offers numerous health benefits. There are many different types of proteins with different functional properties. For example, proteins extracted from whey (the famous "whey protein") can support the repair and maintenance of muscle tissue. But why is this specifically the case with whey protein? To be able to explain this properly, we must first tell you something about amino acids.


Amino acids in proteins

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. In total there are 22 different amino acids and proteins therefore consist of different chains of those amino acids. There are two types of amino acids: essential and essential amino acids. The difference between these two types is that the human body cannot produce the essential amino acids itself and must therefore get them through food. Each amino acid also has its own health benefit.


Different types of proteins

The composition, sequence, and structure of the different amino acids in a protein is called the "amino acid profile". Thus, different types of protein have different amino acid profiles with different functional properties. The amino acid profile in whey proteins, protein bars and protein powders has been proven to contribute positively to the recovery and maintenance of muscle mass and therefore it is beneficial for athletes to get enough of these proteins. Our Pure Whey Isolate protein powder contains no less than 27.5 grams of protein per shake and contains almost no fat and carbohydrates.


Proteins for weight management

Because proteins have a satiating effect and are important for the maintenance of muscle tissue, the intake of sufficient protein is important for anyone who is consciously involved with his / her weight. Our protein blend shake offers you a complete package of quality proteins enriched with a good dose of vitamins and minerals.


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